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Art in the City… London (Quadrille 2008)

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‘Art in the City’ is a range of European travel guides aimed at the art lover on tour, devised by Artist and Art consultant Tiddy Rowan ( in collaboration with Quadrille publishing.  An amazing project to be involved in for a fledgling freelancer and this huge confidence boost was further increased when my images eventually totaled 25% of the book, representing the largest individual photographic contribution.  What can I tell you?  They kept giving me the locations, I kept going out and they kept buying the results.  The Fan Mural by Michael Craig-Martin which features on the inside cover of the guide is sadly no longer there but has great sentimental value to me as a photographer.  I also include a couple of images that were off the brief, but really took my eye (this is my site right?)
My sincere thanks to Tiddy, Quadrille and Nadine Bazaar/Sarah Airey for having such great faith in my work.