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To date digitimaging has supplied images and services to the following organisations:

The BBC – The Grosvenor and Marble Arch Hotels – BAUER Kompressoren – Schlumberger – The Straumann Group – Peter Jones (UK Dragons Den) – Rachel Elnaugh (former ‘Dragon’) – Quadrille Publishing (Art in The City: 2008) – Wilmington Publishing – Capita Architecture – World Health Design & The International Academy for Design and Health – SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange – Telerik UK – Bauer Media – Cavendish Conference Venues – David Rose FBFI (Film & TV Producer), Motor Cycle News and a number of charities and philanthropic projects.

When asking for client feedback, the four main areas of interest for me are; 

Approach to the work; timing, planning etc / Understanding of key project outcomes / Ability to deliver these outcomes / Professionalism, interaction with others and then of course any other comments/views/feedback…

Here are some responses from clients:

“The project was challenging from a timing point of view; capturing the best features of three buildings, at different times of day (and with weather conditions not playing ball) inside two days was always going to be tough. Andrew’s planning, and willingness to burn the candle at both ends ensured the best possible end product.”


“AJ spent a lot of time prior to the shoot discussing our business, existing and desired markets, core features of our product, and media usage. The “hard yards” put in before the shoot were the crucial factor in the success of our project.”


“This was an experimental project for us, and Andrew really helped to tease out the messaging we were hoping to achieve through the photographs. Client feedback thus far would suggest he got it spot on! One of our key deliverables was to represent the fun factor in our product; AJ’s interaction with our staff and residents created the right atmosphere of genuine excitement to ensure that target was met.”

“Solid planning phase, timely follow ups, showed flexibility on scheduling and maintained good communication throughout. Engaged with the subject, asked questions, proposed ideas. Captured the essence of the shots, they look natural and honest.”


“Excellent communication skills, puts people at ease and helps their personality shine through. Solid technical skills. Have a script but listen to his ideas as well – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”


“I have used Andrew at Digit Imaging on a number of occasions for some high profile PR work and I have to say that his professionalism and ability to understand the requirements on the job are two key reasons why I would not hesitate in using him again.”


“My project involved capturing images of two very high profile figures from the world of business and entertainment in conversation for a publicity shoot.  Andrew not only achieved this at very short notice, but also delivered a finished product in less than 24 hours, to go live on the BBC websites to promote part of the Sport Relief campaign in 2010.  Andrew had only 10 minutes with the subjects and managed to put them at ease immediately.  I would highly recommend Andrew and Digit Imaging for any future projects.”

“We found Andrew to be extremely professional in his approach.  He was punctual, polite and very discreet throughout.  In fact we barely noticed him as we requested a reportage style of photography and this was delivered expertly.  We are subsequently aware of a number of his other more recent works and believe he has a great talent.  We not only wish Andrew well in pursuing this career but would heartily recommend him to anyone considering employing the talents of a very special photographer indeed.”

“Andrew works well both inside, outside and alongside multimedia teams, going about his job extremely professionally and avoiding being noticed in anyone else’s shots, despite multiple video cameras covering several different angles. Employing this approach, his presence is welcomed by director, location manager, camera operator, PR, attendee and event organiser alike. Andrew is always willing to share tips and best practice with less knowledgeable associates.  Despite his complete awareness around other professionals, he manages to deliver stunning stills photography appropriate to – and without disrupting – high-profile events, and makes use of a variety of electronic transmission and communication media to deliver the best results with speed.”

“Kept to schedule very accurately and responded to last minute changes immediately.  Understood brief and what was expected 100%.  Met the brief exactly and went the extra mile to ensure that the results were exactly what was needed i.e.researched the locations to be photographed and analysed when the best time for photography would be.  Very professional.  The author, editors and publishers very happy with the work.”

“One of the things you’re going to love about working with AJ is his straight forward way of doing things. He is a professional who clearly cares about you as much as the ‘shot’, of course because of AJ’s planning and approach he will understand your needs completely; be they time constraints or just the feel of the image you’re looking for. Another nice thing is that when the times are set, they’re met, and he delivers outstanding results with a wonderful sense of humour, he has an uncanny ability to put you at ease and really get the shots you want.”

“Professional, short telephone interview from Andy confirmed what was required and secured a date and location to shoot.  Good set of questions and a thorough briefing gave me confidence that Andy understood what I wanted.  Exceeded expectations and a lovely way to spend a few hours, interesting banter, great humour.”

“Highly flexible and accommodating with obvious restraints in terms of physical location at any given time taken into account and well addressed.  Obvious comprehension of both product and intentions with respect to image portrayal or message transmission to the intended recipient.  Limited only by availability and our inability to pin down definitive scheduling for attendance.  Might be considered over-familiar by some but friendliness with professionalism works for us.”

“AJ has a very pro active approach to any project he undertakes, he ensured he fully understood the brief and will then come back with questions, feedback and observations from his perspective to ensure that there was a clear outcome for all parties.  AJ’s planning was very detailed and covered all of the areas that were required.  With this particular project a range of options were looked at in terms of practicality of the photoshoot and AJ offered complete flexibility around times to suit the needs of the business.  The excellent attention to detail that AJ insists on were managed within the time frames that were agreed and all of the areas discussed prior were achieved with several more that AJ found whilst working through then photoshoot.  AJ has a fantastic ability to work with all levels of the team, he ensures there is a collective understanding of the goals and then gains a team buy in to ensure that everyone is comfortable with what is happening.  I would highly recommend AJ, I have not found anyone else in this field that shows complete flexibility around the needs of the business and the ability to deliver great results!”

“Andrew is extremely committed to all projects he enterprises, very punctual, respects set timings and he’s is very able in setting up a realistic planning to completion. Andrew is outstanding in generating the right probing questions to uncover and to understand the full spectrum of a projects outcomes and goals. Once understood, Andrew will honestly relay his ability to accomplish the outcomes or not.”


“In my experience, Andrew’s ability to accomplish outcomes have been excellent and has succeeded in all the projects we’ve worked together. Andrew is very committed to any project he accepts to work with, he does it passionately and therefore with a high level of Professionalism. He’s someone who is genuinely interested in what others have to say.”


“Andrew is a people’s person, he’s very able in adapting to different multi cultural situations and is appreciated by those with whom he interacts with. He’s a great person to work with, very talented, highly intelligent and shrewd but also fun”.


“Excellent overall. Very involved approach to understanding what was needed. Some delays along the way which was mainly due to untimely feedback from us. The 4 videos are of excellent quality and are exactly what was required. Total commitment throughout with no hesitation to push the Client to obtain answers.  Delighted to be working with such professionals. Would have no hesitation in using your company for future work.”


I would welcome any prospective clients to talk to my past clients and get a better understanding of what I do and how I do it. My reputation is important to me, when I’m dead and gone all that will remain is a few images, some copy, the odd video clip and my reputation. I genuinely believe ‘you’re only as good as your last job‘ so 100% customer satisfaction begins right at the very start of the process and note also I never invoice a job until a client is completely happy.




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