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Launching the Five C Model Online Assessment

What a crazy few weeks it has been! Massive thanks to the incredible design team and to all our awesome beta test pilots for your time and great feedback. So happy (and very proud) to be launching this online assessment tool for the Five C Organisational Development model. If you’ve got business dilemma and 5 […]

Film Anastas – Trailer

So proud to be working with a great (and pure) artist such as Anastas. This is an english version of the promotional trailer to source funding for a full-length documentary. Please feel free to share and play to family and friends. He really is an amazing guy and it would be such an honour to […]

Film Anastas – Bulgarski

Really excited to be starting the process of raising interest to produce a full length documentary about the amazing life and work of Anastas Konstantinov. Whilst pretty challenging, it’s also insanely focussing to be working within a new culture and language, thank you to everyone supporting the project so far! More updates to follow …


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